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Why are we doing this.

It started a long time ago with a feeling that this can’t be everything there is to life.

What are we doing with our life, our dreams.
What would you do if money didn’t matter.
What would you do, if you know that you had a limited time to live.
We all have a limited time to live. But we act as if we would live forever.

As John Lennon said “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”.

Life is what YOU want it to be!

We will try to search for our way of living. We want to try something different. And we want the whole family to take part of it. Hopefully the whole family will discover that there are other ways of living.
One of our goals is to get a better work -life balance and to get more time and energy for more important things. We don’t want to take part of the race for more status and try to be something we are not.



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Getting closer to the move.

Finally we sold our house. It has been a nerve-wrecking week. From excitement to despair and then acceptance. We wrote a contract with the buyers last week. We didn’t get as much as se hoped for but we accepted the offer. What seemed like an easy ride proved to be harder than we imagined. But we are happy that we got a deal. We don’t have that many options then to sell the house.

There was so much interest in our house when it was on sale on the Internet. And on the open house there was also lot of interested potential buyers. But even though there was a huge interest in our house there wasn’t so much bidding. It even surprised our real estate agency. 

This week we have been like zombies. Too tired from the mental and psychological stress. Tried to sleep a lot, in a hope for a fast recovery.  But when you are in a mental stress you don’t sleep very well.

Made a reservation for the flight to Bangkok. I was worried that we would be stuck in Stockholm since we have to leave our house on Feb.1. We found tickets for Thailand on the 3rd of February, that we booked. Feels good to have made a reservation tough. 

It’s going to be nice, to get some sun and recreation. We are really in need of some vacation. And spend some time with the kids.



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A sudden loss in the family.

One of our cats died this week. The cat had a heart failure so we all know that the cat could die at any moment. Even if we were prepared it was a big shock to us. The day before he was full of energy, and were doing his ordinary routines.

This cat was something special. He had so much personality. I have never met a cat that gave such a big impression. A pet can really be a part of the family. And he had his own way of doing things.

He was ill during the summer and we thought he wouldn’t survive. But he made a tremendous recovery. After the illness he was very close to us and demanded to be hugged and petted. Maybe he knew that his time on earth was limited. And we had a hard time figuring out what we should do with Viggo when we leave for New Zealand.

But he had a good life during his 6 years of living. We will always remember you, Viggo.

Viggo, the cat.

S*Imse Vimses Hot Shot Knick (Viggo)

S*Imse Vimses Hot Shot Knick (Viggo) born 2006-04-15 died 2012-10-23

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