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Last day.

Last Friday was my last day at H&M as a consultant. It was with mixed emotions I left the building. So much nice and friendly people that I have worked with for almost three years. H&M is one of the best workplaces I have been to as a consultant. Their  “way of working” was incredible, at least in the project I worked in. I was also fortunate to work with very talented persons from different countries. And also to work with an Agile process that really worked well. Not perfect but good enough.

As a consultant you are used to end assignments after 2-3 years. But this time it felt different.  One difference it that you might not meet the persons you have been working with for a while.  Usually you will meet persons that you have worked with in other assignments.

But now we are going for new adventure.



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Flight schedule

All our tickets are now reserved. This is our trip schedule:

Connecting the community, my Twitter strategy, and American Airlines at DFW

  • 3 februari Stockholm, Sweden – Bangkok, Thailand
  • 20 februari Bangkok, Thailand – Denpasar, Bali
  • 27 februari Denpasar – Sydney, Australia
  • 3 march Sydney, Australia – Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Campervan around New Zealand, starting with South Island and then North Island.

After that we have to decide where we would like to stay. Hopefully we have found where we want to live.

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Helped my parents to move this weekend. Lots of furniture and cartons where carried.
We were so many people so the moving went quite smooth and fast. And we were lucky to get all the stuff moved before the rough weather moved in (snow and wind).


Good to be remembered what we have in front of us. There will be a lot of job to get rid of all our stuff.
Everything from toys, furniture, kitchenware, clothes, books etc. have to find a new home.

And all the paperwork has to be done before we can go.

  • It is very much that has to be ended, such as subscriptions to phone, cable television, mobile phone, electricity and garbage disposal Most of it is already arranged.
  • We have to get all our certificates, marriage certificate and other important documents translated to English.
  • And we have to get a doctors certificate, with chest radiograph.
  • Apply for a police certificate.
  • And we have to end the school for our kids.
  • We did the “IELTS” earlier this summer and got a good result. So that’s done.

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Went to the store to pick up our suitcases, 5 pieces of 109 litre suitcases. Hope it will be enough. The staff was really friendly because the arranged to call around to other stores to collect all the suitcases. And we got some free gifts. Maybe it’s not that often they sell 5 suitcases. Many thanks for that.
Just wonder how they travelled 100 years ago. The suitcases was really big, robust and probably quite heavy. Who carried these suitcases and was there any extra charge for heavy baggage. Now you have to pay extra if you have any bags at all.

But, according to the commercials you only have to have your credit card with you. Maybe we should try that.

Old Suitcase.

Old Suitcase.

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Twelve degrees below zero outside, and a power cut for a few hours. Is it any wonder that we yearn for warmer weather


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Getting concerned about how we can manage to pack for our move. How do you fit things from a 300+ m2 villa into 6 suitcases? And the weight of each suitcase can’t be more than 23 kilo.

We will see if we succeed in reducing our belongings in to packable format.
We must practice some hard-core “feng shui” to manage. And I hope that a month will be enough time because we don’t have any more time. We will manage if we have to. Tiina is incredible on getting things done on a tight schedule.

How much do we fit into suitcases?

How much can we fit into suitcases?

We decided to not ship our belongings to NZ. Was that a wise decision?
The positive thing is that we don’t have to worry about where our stuff is and we don’t have any hurry to settle down. And we can start from scratch to decorate our new house or apartment.

I’ll guess it is the first time we do it from scratch, ever.

Or maybe we will rent a house with furniture. We have to wait and see.

These guides will maybe help us:

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