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Campervan to Lyttelton and Akaroa

We rented a campervan to be able to travel north and explore the northern island. So first time driving on the left side of the road was with a campervan. Actually first time I drive a campervan. The roads to Lyttelton and Akaroa were a good practice to drive the campervan, and of course we took the curvy and step roads. Good that I have no problem with heights and step hills. Tiina wasn’t really amused by the views.


Lyttelton and Akaroa are small villages around Christchurch. The earthquake has affected Lyttelton, but we couldn’t see any affect on Akaroa. Akaroa had a lot of small old buildings, and shops that where very nice.

I had interviews booked on Tuesday so we decided to not travel so far away from Christchurch.



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Finally in New Zealand.

Finally we arrived at our main goal. Now we are in Christchurch on the Southern island of New Zealand. We where a little bit nervous that they wouldn’t let us in to the country. But it turned out to be without any big problem. In Sydney we had to buy a return ticket otherwise we where not allowed to check in to the flight. So far we have had some small obstacles on the way.

We have now been in NZ for almost a week. We are really surprised that all the people are so friendly. We have heard about it before but it is when you really meet people that you realize how friendly they are.

The weather is change very fast. Usually it is quite warm in the morning and some days it is really chilly in the afternoon.

We are really surprised by the impact of the earthquakes in 2010 and 2011. A lot of buildings are not safe anymore and have to be torn down. From big buildings to small house, all are affected in some ways. There are a lot of open spaces where they have taken down buildings that were not safe anymore. And a lot of old buildings such as churches are affected in different ways. Some buildings only have the roof still intact. Others lack a wall or parts of the building. I tried to find information on the impact of the earthquakes but couldn’t get any valid information. Now we start to realize the impact, and it is really a big impact.

On the other hand they have a good opportunity to form the city that wouldn’t be possible in a normal case. I will cover this subject more later.

I have been to interviews this week and they have been going quite good. Again I am really surprised by the friendly people. Sometimes it is hard to understand their dialect, but I think I will learn that quite fast.

We have had help from our immigration adviser, Mike Bell ( I can highly recommend Mike if you are planning to immigrate to NZ. It is so much better than using some of the England or Netherland companies, and cheaper. And when you arrive you have very good help from them. I can also recommend the community on


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