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How is it to live in Christchurch and in New Zealand?


Christchurch is a vibrant city with a lot of different nationalities. Many people have moved here for a reason. The reasons differ, but everyone want’s to get a good life.

In the following blog posts I will try to explain how it is to live here and what differs from other places. If you are interested in a special topic please leave a message and I will try to explain my view.

Better work life balance. I have heard that from many people. Kiwis are in general not keen on working overtime. So for you that is used of working 60 hours/week. It is possible to have a change. But there are companies here that have the motto ”work hard play hard attitude”. So take care so that you don’t end up in the same situation again.

Weather: Since it is one of the most discussed topics in my home country (Sweden). I have to bring it up. We are in the middle of winter right now. The winter in Christchurch is most often cold nights (some nights we have frost), but in daytime we can have up to 17-18 degrees when there’s no cloud. Some days it is cold the hold day (between 0-10 degrees). Not to bad. We have had snow two times, but it didn’t last so long (a few hours). One thing I can mention is that the weather can change very fast. We have also had some rainfall with heavy wind. You don’t want to be outside then.
Even if the weather is quite mild I have never been freezing so much indoors as here. The houses are in general very bad isolated (even if our house is built year 2000).

Single glassing and very poor insulation are common.

The nature: The nature is fantastic, with very nice views and a lot of things to see. We have only seen a small part of NZ, but I like what I have seen. Fantastic. Plants that we are used to have indoor are growing outside here.
There is only one thing that disturbs us. Most of the country is farm and livestock land. There is not much left of the original fauna such as trees. The trees that exist are most often planted and don’t belong to the natural fauna.

To be continued….



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What to bring if you are moving to New Zealand.


Before we moved we decided to not bring more than we can carry. We didn’t know where we would end up in NZ. And renting a container wasn’t cheap. Starting fresh with new furniture was tempting. So we sold and give away most of our furniture and stuff.

Tried to look at Internet what other think you should bring, but didn’t get so many answers. So here is my personal view what would be worth bringing to NZ.

Furniture: Furniture is expensive in NZ. And there is very limited stock of furniture. Older furniture in good shape is not available. Buying second hand furniture is possible. There are a few second hand shops but the furniture they sell is of varied quality. Some should have gone to the junkyard long time ago.

Beds: Beds are also expensive, but most retailers have offers at regular interval. Which make it a little less expensive. And beds comes in the following sizes: single, king single, queen, king and king double.

Whiteware/Appliances: Prices are much higher comparing to Europe and there is not so much to choose from. There are local brands ( or where they now are manufactured, Westinghouse, Fisher & Paykel, etc.) and some German brands (Miele, Bosch etc.) and other brands (Samsung, LG, Mitsubishi).

Electronics: There is plenty of electronics and computers in New Zealand. Prices vary a lot and I haven’t done so much research on the prices. Computer parts are quite cheap though.

Bed linen: Bed linen is quite expensive in NZ. And if you want to have cotton linen it will cost you more.

If you want to make a comparison by yourself go to


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How to get a job in New Zealand.

This is what I have discovered during my search for a job in New Zealand. And this is only my personal view, so don’t take it as a fact:-)

Check that there is a need for the skills you have. Search adverts on or

  1. Check what kind of Visa you can get. This is very important since it is not easy to qualify for residency in NZ.
  2. Create a CV and a cover letter that suits New Zealand standards.
  3. Recruitment is a big business in NZ. And there are plenty of companies that search for people. After you are getting used of the style of adverts you can soon recognize if it is a real job, or if the job advert is because the recruitment company want to have your CV for the future. There are plenty of very good recruitment companies in New Zealand.
  4. Try to find job adverts from companies other than recruitment companies. Try to contact them. Best way is to make a phone call. You can send them CV and cover letter after you have talked to them. They will remember you.
  5. Go to New Zealand and plan for interviews with companies. This is a real door opener. To sit on the other side of the earth and think that you can get a job offer is a waste of time. You have to go there, otherwise companies wouldn’t be interested in your skills. Don’t think that they will hire you before they have met you. And don’t think that they will sponsor your trip to New Zealand. Book a ticket to New Zealand and work hard to get as much interviews as possible.Although some people manage to get a job offer from overseas, you shouldn’t count on that. If you have tremendous work skills you might get a job offer from overseas.
  6. Most companies in New Zealand want to have you employed in a short notice. So if you have for instance three months notice on your current employment you have to deal with that.

I can recommend the community on They have a number of articles about looking for and finding work, how to approach employers etc.

And there are LinkedIn groups such as Moving to New Zealand. Where you can get information.

If you need help with Visa to NZ, I can recommend

Happy job hunting!

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