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When preparing for the move you soon realize that travelling or moving with a large family creates very much extra work. Even the simplest thing requires some extra time and effort.

  • For instance when you try to find a place to stay, most often there are rooms for 2 or 4 people. If you want bigger rooms you have to search a lot to find that. In some countries you will have a hard time finding bigger rooms then double bed rooms. Then you have to find several rooms in the same place. And the cost will also be substantial.
  • We are planning to go around New Zealand in a campervan. Unfortunately one
    campervan is not enough for us. Good that we have several driver licenses.
  • Book flight tickets. When I try to book a flight on one site I continuously get a timeout since it takes to long time to fill in all values needed to book a flight. On another site you had the possibility to extend the time for filling in all values. Great feature! If I ever have the opportunity to test a booking site, I will definitely argue for the value of such a feature.

But it is really fun to travel with a large family. And unexpected things tend to happen when we are out travelling.


A typical prank, Rome 2008.



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