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What to bring if you are moving to New Zealand.


Before we moved we decided to not bring more than we can carry. We didn’t know where we would end up in NZ. And renting a container wasn’t cheap. Starting fresh with new furniture was tempting. So we sold and give away most of our furniture and stuff.

Tried to look at Internet what other think you should bring, but didn’t get so many answers. So here is my personal view what would be worth bringing to NZ.

Furniture: Furniture is expensive in NZ. And there is very limited stock of furniture. Older furniture in good shape is not available. Buying second hand furniture is possible. There are a few second hand shops but the furniture they sell is of varied quality. Some should have gone to the junkyard long time ago.

Beds: Beds are also expensive, but most retailers have offers at regular interval. Which make it a little less expensive. And beds comes in the following sizes: single, king single, queen, king and king double.

Whiteware/Appliances: Prices are much higher comparing to Europe and there is not so much to choose from. There are local brands ( or where they now are manufactured, Westinghouse, Fisher & Paykel, etc.) and some German brands (Miele, Bosch etc.) and other brands (Samsung, LG, Mitsubishi).

Electronics: There is plenty of electronics and computers in New Zealand. Prices vary a lot and I haven’t done so much research on the prices. Computer parts are quite cheap though.

Bed linen: Bed linen is quite expensive in NZ. And if you want to have cotton linen it will cost you more.

If you want to make a comparison by yourself go to http://www.pricespy.co.nz.



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Helped my parents to move this weekend. Lots of furniture and cartons where carried.
We were so many people so the moving went quite smooth and fast. And we were lucky to get all the stuff moved before the rough weather moved in (snow and wind).


Good to be remembered what we have in front of us. There will be a lot of job to get rid of all our stuff.
Everything from toys, furniture, kitchenware, clothes, books etc. have to find a new home.

And all the paperwork has to be done before we can go.

  • It is very much that has to be ended, such as subscriptions to phone, cable television, mobile phone, electricity and garbage disposal e.tc. Most of it is already arranged.
  • We have to get all our certificates, marriage certificate and other important documents translated to English.
  • And we have to get a doctors certificate, with chest radiograph.
  • Apply for a police certificate.
  • And we have to end the school for our kids.
  • We did the “IELTS” earlier this summer and got a good result. So that’s done.

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