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School’s out

We where at the school that our son is starting after the summer holiday.
It looks really good, and the teachers seems to be very competent and nice.
We where surprised to hear that Swedish school are looking at the education system in New Zealand.
Now we know why! Our kids enjoy going to school and they are really motivated to go there.
They are encouraged to take part of the education and engaged in their study.
There are some differences in the levels and how the academic year are divided.
Since Swedish school study English from 3rd grade, our children had an relative easy way in to the school.
And with the latest results from Pisa, we are very happy that we left Sweden.

More information on the school system in New Zealand can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Education_in_New_Zealand

Some statistics on student assessments:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Programme_for_International_Student_Assessment


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How is it to live in Christchurch and in New Zealand?


Christchurch is a vibrant city with a lot of different nationalities. Many people have moved here for a reason. The reasons differ, but everyone want’s to get a good life.

In the following blog posts I will try to explain how it is to live here and what differs from other places. If you are interested in a special topic please leave a message and I will try to explain my view.

Better work life balance. I have heard that from many people. Kiwis are in general not keen on working overtime. So for you that is used of working 60 hours/week. It is possible to have a change. But there are companies here that have the motto ”work hard play hard attitude”. So take care so that you don’t end up in the same situation again.

Weather: Since it is one of the most discussed topics in my home country (Sweden). I have to bring it up. We are in the middle of winter right now. The winter in Christchurch is most often cold nights (some nights we have frost), but in daytime we can have up to 17-18 degrees when there’s no cloud. Some days it is cold the hold day (between 0-10 degrees). Not to bad. We have had snow two times, but it didn’t last so long (a few hours). One thing I can mention is that the weather can change very fast. We have also had some rainfall with heavy wind. You don’t want to be outside then.
Even if the weather is quite mild I have never been freezing so much indoors as here. The houses are in general very bad isolated (even if our house is built year 2000).

Single glassing and very poor insulation are common.

The nature: The nature is fantastic, with very nice views and a lot of things to see. We have only seen a small part of NZ, but I like what I have seen. Fantastic. Plants that we are used to have indoor are growing outside here.
There is only one thing that disturbs us. Most of the country is farm and livestock land. There is not much left of the original fauna such as trees. The trees that exist are most often planted and don’t belong to the natural fauna.

To be continued….


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