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What is happening?

I have done what you shouldn’t do!
As a blogger you get advice that you should add posts to your blog at a regular interval. So why haven’t I done that?
Well, nothing special has happened. We are getting into routines with work, school etc. We have some time during weekends to explore New Zealand. But it is hard to find time to see the islands.  It takes time to travel around, but we try to explore the environment around Christchurch. There are some amazing places around Canterbury; you just have to now where to go. A tip is to talk to local people and ask if they can recommend any areas worth visiting.

How is it to work in New Zealand? Since I’m working in IT, the difference is not that big. Same methodologies and tools are used as anywhere in the rest of the world. And the workforce contains of people from around the world. A good mix of people makes a creative environment.

One very nice difference from back home is that when you are traveling with the local buses, everyone thanks the driver before they walk of the bus. That would never happen back home.





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The move is now official!

Told my principals about our plan to move to New Zealand. They are very impressed that we dare to move with children, and to the other side of the earth. That we are going even if we don’t have a job offer or any connections to NZ. Have you ever been to NZ?

– Well, no! But we have heard a lot of good things about NZ.
Some people don’t believe that we are going, some are impressed and some are jealous.

People are so afraid to do major changes in their life. They want to be in their comfortable cocoon and not go outside their comfort zone. At least no too much. And then they complain about that nothing happens in their life.
We are really ready for a big change. Adventure is ahead of us.

Since we have been planning the move for some years now, our attitude is a lot different. We are on our way, it’s just a matter when we can go. We are not worried, if it doesn’t turn out the way we want there is always lots of other things we can do. As a last option we can always go back, but with a lot of memories of our trip.

And we have been investigating NZ for nearly a year now. So we have done our research on how it is to live in NZ. A good source for information is the book ”Living and working in New Zealand” by David Hampshire.

Our plan is now official and it feels good to spread it because it is very hard to keep it as a secret.

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